Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Required: One Coffee Press......

In what turned out to be a pure accident (or so it seems!) my treasured French Coffee Press managed to hit the kitchen floor from a substantial height and smash into a thousand pieces. I hasten to add that I was not in the kitchen at the time and the only other person in the immediate vicinity was Sarah, who as background doesn't drink coffee and highly dislikes the smell (although she is slowly coming around to the smell....12 years and counting!).

Now I ask you...was it an accident or was it made to look like an accident? Either way I am in survival mode and making do with the good ole' Mr Coffee machine until we go shopping at the weekend. That's the kind of shopping I like, it brings about the same enthusiasm as shopping for bike bits....

It's a funny obsession that most triathletes/cyclists seem to have with what other sport can you get energy gels with the double espresso flavor and added caffeine! Perhaps it is just expected of cyclists to like coffee, after all the professionals always appear to be sipping their espressos right up until the race start and that has been the habit for as long as pro cycling has been least they have now kicked the Gitane habit!

I know that the first thing I do after getting back from a ride is to start the coffee making process and as Sarah will testify, if the coffee isn't consumed shortly after then grumpy Iain can surface (unless I grab a handful of chocolate covered coffee beans).....the same grumpy Iain that is brought about by workouts being missed!

Behind triathlon and soccer, coffee is certainly my 3rd back to the internet to search for the latest and greatest coffee presses :-)

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