Friday, April 4, 2008

March 2008 - Training Summary

We are now a quarter of the way through the year (where does the time go?) here are my training stats for March 2008.

March continued to build upon the solid start to the year and I worked some longer intensity sessions as well as the first bricks of the season into the schedule. The structure for the month was a four week month including one recovery week scheduled at the end prior to the marathon on March 29th . Targets were kept simple: swimming four times a week, scheduling the bricks and adding intensity to the long run. The increase in swimming time over the past two months has definitely seen benefits and I feel much stronger in the pool, hopefully that will translate on race days. With the daylight now being longer and the marathon in the books the key for April is to focus on some of the bike sessions and build into some larger weeks approaching 16-18 hours.

So here are the numbers in the log from March 2008:

Total Workouts - 43 including
14 cycle sessions
15 run sessions
14 swim sessions
(6 bricks)

Total Time - 52 Hours 32 Mins (13 Hours 08 Mins Weekly Average)

Cycling Time - 26 Hours 10 Mins (6hrs 32mins weekly average)
Running Time - 13 Hours 28 Mins (3hrs 22mins weekly average)
Swimming Time - 12 Hours 54 Mins (3hrs 14mins weekly average)

Total Mileage - 631.6 Miles

Cycling Mileage - 487.11 Miles
Running Mileage - 119.55 Miles
Swimming Mileage - 24.93 Miles

A good consolidation month that was disrupted slightly by weather meaning that I didn't get as many long rides in as I would have liked. I did however, get the first races of the season under my belt with the B&A Half-Marathon at the start of the month and the National Marathon at the very end of the month (technically in the April log though!)

As mentioned above April will be a more bike focused month and will also bring two more races, the Walkersville Road Race on April 5th and the Duathlon Nationals on April 27th.

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