Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getting Back on the Horse......

After the marathon on Saturday the legs were a complete mess and I struggled through an hour bike ride on Sunday and managed an hour swim on Monday. Feeling much better yesterday I was able to get out for a couple of hours of the bike before meeting up with the guys for the bi-weekly hammerfest.

The Tuesday/Thursday evening rides have started up again and to say that they are hammered is a massive understatement. Typically Tuesday is slightly harder than Thursday but it all depends on the mood that everyone is in. The ride is relatively short in that it is only in the region of 30miles, it takes about 1hr 15mins and is certainly a great lactate threshold workout (for me anyway!) Yesterday was my first attendance of the spring and quickly showed that the marathon was still in my legs and that I also need to work on some of my speed. I guess I already knew that and had scheduled much more bike work into the next few weeks but the ride just confirmed it.

At the end of the ride I had managed to get about 65miles in and managed to squeeze in the first run since Saturday. A relatively gentle 5km to get the running legs going and see what state they were in.....downhills still jarred the quads a bit but overall it wasn't too bad, perhaps the hard ride had blown most of the stiffness away.

This coming weekend is my first road race (bike) of the year at ABRT's Tour of Walkersville and the main aim will be to try and help the sprinters on the team (as mine is non-existent) get to the finish in good shape to go for the win.

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