Monday, March 10, 2008

Why is it......

when you have a busy week ahead you wake up on a Monday morning and all you want to do is.....

Perhaps it is the loss of an hour this past weekend...whatever it is was all I wanted to do was sleep. As a result, the alarm was turned off and I rolled over for another 45mins before getting up for work. (My general feeling is that if I wake up and feel really beat then my body is telling me that I probably need the morning off and so do not head out for a workout).

This week its going to be hard to fit everything in. We have our good friend Lisa over from the UK, we are going to see Live on Thursday, work is looking heavy this week and then I have to squeeze the training in somewhere as well. That's why I had planned to adjust the training and get up for a swim this much for the best laid plans. I'll just have to go longer in the pool this evening to try and catch up a little.

A little update on the origins of the "Brick"....if you read the 2nd comment from Mark Sisson himself, it turns out the brick is indeed a legacy of Mark!

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