Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ten ways to know that it is Spring in the Mid-Atlantic.....

With temperatures close to 60 degrees for the majority of this week in the Mid-Atlantic area it seems that Spring is well on its way and here are ten ways that you can certainly tell in the City of Bowie!

1) People begin to cut their lawns (its only the middle of March!)

2) Garden sprinklers come on at 6:00AM.

3) You can begin to rent a park picnic site.

4) The Bowie Baysox minor league baseball team are auditioning for National Anthem singers!

5) The NCAA tournament is here and the Women Terps are going to reclaim the National Championship!

6) The ABRT/Team Latitude cycling team Tuesday and Thursday evening "hammerfests" begin.

7) Importantly Rita's frozen custard shop has reopened :-)

8) More importantly Sarah and I are needing to renew the State Park pass so we can go to the beach!

9) Based upon item 8) I might need to start shaving the legs more often since they will be on display in public places!

10) Though most importantly a Blue T-14 triathlon bike is now darting around the roads of Bowie and surrounding counties.....yep, the Blue came out for the first time last night!

Is spring on its way in your area?

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Anonymous said...

Ten ways to know it is Spring in the UK.......

1) Temperatures drop.

2) The lowest weather depression since 1860 arrives.

3) Swans make themselves comfortable on the flooded high streets of towns.

4) Taxes go up (in the budget).

5) West Ham Utd start to drop down the Premiership table (just like Charlton FC used to).

6) Bird Flu (H5N1) scares start.

7) England cricket team lose another test match abroad (New Zealand).

8) Hordes of people are out all night escorting toads across roads to their breeding ponds.

9) British Summer Time begins (renamed 'British A Little Bit Less Like Winter Time').

10) The railway system grinds to a halt due to 'The wrong type of wind'.