Thursday, January 31, 2008

2007 Race Results Recap

Just to do a bit of updating and upkeep for the blog, here are a list of races I did last year (2007) including results and links to the race websites. I also did a few road races which aren't documented. Look for the proposed 2008 schedule to appear soon!

March 3rd - Seneca Creek Trail 50km : 11th (3rd AG) 5hrs 17mins

April 1st - Cherry Pit 10 Miler: 6th (1st AG) 1hr 10 secs

April 21st - Kinetic Half Ironman: DNF Puncture

May 6th - NJ Devilman Half Ironman: 10th (1st AG) 4hrs 32mins

May 20th - Columbia Triathlon: 36th (3rd AG) 2hrs 14mins

June 10th - Eagleman 70.3m: 98th (8th AG) 4hrs 30mins

June 23 - Church Creek Time Trial: 5th Cat 59mins 40secs

July 8th - Blackwater Traverse: 15th (4th AG) 3hrs 10mins

Aug 4th - Catoctin 50km: 15th (1st AG) 6hrs 18mins

Aug 26th - North East Triathlon 9th (1st AG) 2hrs 10mins

Sept 2nd - Larry Noel 15km: 6th (1st AG) 59mins 28secs

Sept 9th - Delaware Diamondman Half Ironman 9th (1st AG) 4hrs 37mins

Sept 30th - Zack's 5km: 5th (4th AG) 17mins 7secs

Oct 13th - Run For Kathy 5km: 2nd (1st AG) 16mins 55secs

Oct 21st - ITU Duathlon World Championships: 28th (7th AG) 3hrs 39mins

Nov 3rd - College Park Cares 10km: 6th (2nd AG) 36mins 8secs

Nov 10th - 70.3m World Championships 339th (63th AG) 4hrs 30mins

Nov 18th - Cold Turkey 10km 1st (1st AG) 35mins 46secs

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