Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I got tagged....

So a few weeks ago I got Blog-Tagged. This means that I must list five facts about myself, which can be any five things, thus my strange list of facts are:

1)I am color blind.....hence my boyhood dreams were dashed when I found out that going into the Royal Air Force as a pilot was not an option (I could have been an Air Force chef though!)

2)After finishing the 112miles on the bike at Ironman Florida I then had to do a Marathon......which was the first time I had ever done a marathon.

3)My first year at University was spent lodging in a Young Man Christian Association (YMCA) building. No I wasn't a member, the University just rented 200 rooms for Freshmen (and fortunately Freshwomen!). Some of those YMCA people were weird!

4)One of my fondest childhood memories is running around the pitch at Upton Park with the Junior Hammers in front of 20,000 people before the West Ham vs Derby County game....it was great despite the pouring rain and the mudbath of a pitch.

5)At the age of 10 and being an ardent cycling fan even then (blame Stephen Roche when he won the Tour, Giro and World Champs in 1987) I got my first disc wheel (some cheap old wheel cover but I thought it was the beez-kneez). Some 20 years later I managed to get my 2nd disc wheel...somewhat more expensive though!

I guess these aren't the most wild and interesting things but they are items that people probably don't know about me......no doubt Sarah can think up some more "interesting" ones!

Now who shall I tag? I only know a few people with blogs so Ben and Suzi, you're tagged!

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