Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Time for the trainer - Workout 1

With the onset of winter I finally took the plunge and purchased a trainer. Having lived in an apartment for the past three winters it wasn't really spacious enough to have a trainer. Now that I have an entire garage that is my domain, I have plenty of room for one (as well as all the bikes, parts and tools) and can sweat to my hearts content.

So my session this week was pretty much just getting the trainer dialled into the correct position and feeling comfortable, but I did manage the following workout:


10mins (39x17)

Tempo - 3sets of
3mins (53x15)
4mins (53x14)
3mins (53x13)
3mins (39x17) Recovery

Single Leg 6sets of
45secs (39x15)
15secs (39x15)

5mins (39x17)

In order not to go crazy on the trainer during the winter it's important to change things up and not get stale. It is also a great way to get some speed and interval sessions in a controlled environment, not hindered by the winter weather. As I do more workouts I will post them up here. Feel free to share yours!

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