Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vacation Check-In..

Hey. Well the 70.3M World Championships are over and now the off-season has truly started. I will do a more detailed race report when I get home but quickly; I came 339 out of 1500 racers and did a 4hrs 30mins 27secs time, not quite under the 4hrs 30mins that I was trying to break but close....the race went pretty well, the run was very tough particularly through miles 2-5 when I had some stomach issues (hence the negative split over the two halves of the 13.1m run course). I am pleased with the overall result though and it gives me a great race on which to build for next season.

Other news is that I am seriously considering Ironman UK on Sept 7th 2008....just trying to work out the logistics at the moment.

Anyway I back off to the beach and a beer........

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kerri said...

Hi Iain,

Nice job!! I felt the bike was tough when we turned the corner at about mile 40 and had that WIND in our faces. Lost alot of groud. A little drafty out there, eh? No refs. Enjoy your vacation and R&R.