Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What a difference a few days can make

My last post was put up on Friday and was all about how tired I was feeling and that some motivation had been lost as the racing and training had probably caught up with me. Some 5 days later I have had a complete reversal and this week training has been real strong and I have been feeling great. It's quite weird really.

On Friday due to the weather I did some intervals for 50mins on the treadmill at the gym and felt much stronger than earlier in the week.

I then did a club ride on Saturday morning and put in my longest bike ride for about 2 months (70miles). As I expected I was strong for the first 2.5 hours but tailed off after that and noticeably lost power in the last 45mins hour. A few more long rides and the power/endurance should be there for a longer period and will help out for the late season races.

With a nice long ride to start the training week (I do my weeks Sat-Fri) I felt good to go out for just under 3 hours on the bike on Sunday morning and followed that up with a 20 minute "brick" run. The bike was just a plain and simple ride, no intervals or hard work, just a constant pace. I could feel in the legs the ride from the day before and so the constant speed didn't put too much stress on them.

Oddly enough on Monday I didn't feel too tired and my hour swim in the evening was one of the best swim workouts I have had all year. In the space of four days I had gone from feeling real tired to feeling strong and raring to go.

Tuesday is the "fast" club ride from the Park 'n' Ride and for the first time in a few weeks I had managed to stay strong for the entire ride (45miles from door to door) and then put in a 45min brick run afterwards.

So far this week with three days left I have already surpassed my training time from last week and am on my way to the biggest week of the much for feeling tired and unmotivated.

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