Monday, September 24, 2007

Next Up.....

After last week which turned out to be my biggest training week of the year at over 14 hours, I had a day off on Saturday as we spent the day with Matt and Natalie in Dover, DE getting our yearly NASCAR fix at Dover International Speedway. On Sunday I was back out training and got in a good 4 hours on the bike.

With the official start of Fall a few days ago, that can mean only one thing....the beginning of the 5km and 10km running season. So to start the season off I have planned a 5km race in College Park this weekend and that will serve as good speedwork in preparation for the coming duathlon's and triathlon's. Having not done a short race for a while (the 2006 edition of the Run For Kathy was my last 5km) it will be interesting as to how I do but I aim to just go pedal to the metal and try and get a PR which would put me under 17 minutes. My current PR is 17:01. In recent weeks I have been doing a bit more speedwork and so we can see if that has made any impact yet. With the race being at 9am, I plan to ride home afterwards and get a 2-3 hour ride in.

I must also mention the stellar performance of Kerri Robbins (team-mate at ABRT) at the 70.3M race this past weekend in Cancun where she placed second (4hrs 52mins) in her age-group and 11th overall female (70th race overall). It hasn't been confirmed as of yet but no doubt that performance qualified her for the 70.3M World Championships in Clearwater. I believe Ashley Halsey (another ABRT team-mate) also qualified by finishing 3rd in age group (5hrs 31mins).......I'll see you there.

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