Friday, September 14, 2007


Perhaps three races in three weeks, which included a 1/2 Ironman Triathlon was a bit too much especially when I had a cold during the middle portion of those weeks. This week after the race on Sunday I have been butt tired and have felt drained and particularly unmotivated. It is a sure sign that the season is coming to an end and that racing/training is taking its toll. However, with two major races remaining I think that an easier week next week will be good enough to spark the interest again particularly with the quest to go under 4hrs 30mins at Clearwater. Last year I experienced a similar feeling prior to IMFL, which after a hard summer of training in the heat and humidity of the mid-atlantic, proved difficult to get up early on the increasingly dark and chilly Fall mornings. With such a major event such as IMFL it wasn't difficult to get going again and I'm sure that will motivate me again this year.

Racing so late in the year makes these feelings inevitable especially when the season starts in March/April but at least it means that I can generally relax and recover during December (and most importantly over the Thanksgiving and Xmas period). I should also think of myself lucky that I get to race at such events as the Duathlon World Championships and the 70.3M World Championships, it certainly makes the training and "suffering" worth it.

Also at this time of year you start to think about the next season and what the goals and objectives will be.....I'll leave that for next time but I can assure you that the words "Ironman" and "Big Island" will definitely be in there somewhere as objectives.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Iain, linked over from one of your posts to the Richmond duathlon email list.

I totally feel you on the motivation or lack thereof - since July I've been wishing this season was OVER already.

Anyway, see you in Richmond and then in Clearwater. Ugh. Just shooting to finish at this point.