Friday, September 28, 2007

Finally the shoes can go

You may have just heard a round of applause......that was Sarah celebrating as I threw out my latest pair of running shoes. Yes, after about 15 weeks they were in such a sorry state that they had to go and a new pair made their way out of the box in pristine condition. It's hard to describe the abuse that my running shoes go through in their lifespan, particularly during the Mid-Atlantic summer where humidity and heat are a runners enemy.

In general my road running shoes last about 380 miles or until I begin to feel some knee pain, which is a sure sign that the shoes are wearing out. This year that mileage has taken me about 15 weeks as I have been covering approximately 30 miles a week (including mileage in my trail running shoes).

At the end of their time though, my shoes are desperately in need of replacement as racing especially just crushes them. If my shoes were on "This is your Life" this would be a quick synopsis........

1) Week 1 - Brand new, still white and nicely cushioned.

2) Week 2 to 3 - Only weeks of training along the roads of PG County.

3) Week 5 - First triathlon, get drenched through aid stations and stay soggy for the entire journey home.....doesn't like this racing lark.

4) Week 6-8 - Still trying to get over the shock of the race experience but still being pounded through regular training. No longer in pristine condition and are an off-white color.

5) Week 9 - Oh no, another race......begins to be less than enthusiastic about water, energy drink and globules of Carbboom being dropped over it. An even longer soggy journey home and abandoned to the dark garage to dry and think about what its done.

6) Week 10-12 - Back to the regular grind and a distinct feeling of being unwanted. Rumors are flying that a new shoe may be on the way.

7) Week 13-15 - Hanging on for dear life now and just keeping the trash bin at laces length. The smell has meant a permanent home in the garage and a daily berating from Sarah that the "stink" gets into the house.

8) Week 16 - Unless a race is due (never race in new shoes) the life of the old shoe is curtailed and they find themselves curbside on a Monday morning looking longingly at the smug new white shoe being brought out of the box....if only they knew what was in store.

And on that note I have a 5km race this weekend with 3 week old shoes, still sparkly white and ready for a PR!

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