Friday, July 20, 2007

Team USA - Duathlon World's Update

Well, with the deadline to take slots for the long course duathlon World Championships being this past Thursday July 19th, it was with great excitement that I received an email from Team USA stating that a slot had rolled down to 4th place and that I was now part of the World Championships Team. It's funny really that I will be representing the USA and racing in the Stars and Stripes....I suppose it is still Red, White and Blue! More details will come but the Long Course Duathlon World Championships take place on October 21st, 2007 in Richmond, Virginia (only 120 miles away). The website for those interested is


Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Team Banks.
We'll see you in Richmond with an American flag.

kerri said...

Hi Iain,

Good to know a fellow ABRT/Latitude teammate will be at World's. It was much hotter than 80. My husband registered the temp at 96 on the second run. It was stinkin hot. Nice Job.