Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Nothing to See Here.....But a Win is a Win!

As we are into the final month of preparation before Xterra Worlds (did I mention that was Oct 29th?) it's all about training and making sure I don't get sick.....primarily making sure that I don't get sick.  Unfortunately work may play a part in that as it looks like I might have 6 different flights before actually landing on the Valley Isle of Maui.

But I have been doing well with training and continued with the ethos of this season....consistency! Nothing too big or demanding, just solid weeks back to back to back and so on.  I did jump into some races the last few weeks and these included:

1. Wolf Bouncer XC first Pro/Cat 1 XC MTB race after upgrading late this season. It was short at just an hour but the key was to get a good race pace session in and it didn't dissappoint.....60mins at threshold and a 4th place finish!

2. Tri for the Chesapeake....was the next day and is a local sprint triathlon that Parvilla supports. It was actually my first "road" triathlon since 2014 and I went for the road bike as I don't have a tri bike at the moment. It worked out well as I felt good in the swim (without a wetsuit), nailed the bike and the trail was 5 miles so was able to take the over win by quite some way (about 15mins). Another good race pace session.

3. Hyattsville Cx....this was this past weekend and I raced the 1,2,3 race as it was the only time I could manage. It was a baptism of fire for the first cross race of the season and only time I have been on my cross bike all year. I was thinking that it might have been better to race my MTB. It was fun though and I can't wait to get back to 'cross after Maui.

Now to hone the fitness for October 29th......

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