Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Week That Was: Dec 17th - Dec 23th

Still on a running recovery period but beginning to ramp up the cycling and swimming to get ready for the January build. Had a few solid bike workouts, a couple of easy runs and then swims to get the feel of the water back. At the moment most of the riding is base work but the Computrainer sessions give some threshold work on a weekly basis. The rest of December will be pretty much a base building period.

Sat Dec 17th: Indoor ride at Parvilla, rode the Columbia Triathlon course.....feels way harder indoors than it does on race day. Solid intensity factor of .86 and a TSS of 91.

Sun Dec 18th: Cold ride outdoors through Upper Marlboro, included a dirt road to scout some training routes for Battenkill. Intensity factor gain was in the 0.85 range and a TSS of 202. Still working on base and need to do an FTP test to make sure the training zones are right, they may be a little low at the moment.

Mon Dec 19th: Went out for an easy hour run at lunch. Using WKO+ enables the rTSS to be computed which is really cool. Just about 8.5miles at IF of .84 and rTSS of 78. Legs felt ok after the marathon which is now 10 days go.

Tues Dec 20th: Swim at lunch with some harder intensity work in between endurance sets. IF of approx 0.75 and TSS of 57. The swim is gradually getting back. Rode on the CT after work and worked hard through a VO2 max set (IF 0.82 and TSS of 82)

Weds Dec 21st: Another swim set at lunch. Felt a bit tired so took it easy for endurance workout at lower IF of 0.7 and TSS of 45.

Thurs Dec 22nd: Snuck an hour run in after work. This run felt easy but IF showed 0.85 with a TSS of 89. 2nd week of Jan will be testing week for training zones.

Fri Dec 23rd: Furlough day from work so time for Fixie Friday for a primarily flat 3.5hrs with Ace and Pat. No power or HR numbers so had to estimate IF and TTS: 0.7 and 172

Total Time: 12hrs 53mins
Total Mileage: 185miles
Total TSS: 819

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