Tuesday, January 31, 2012

End of the First Month.....

Yet again I fell off the blogging wagon but to be perfectly honest there wasn't a lot going on that would have been of interest to the few people that actually read this blog anyway!

It's been the first four weeks of the preparation for Ironman St George on May 5th so it's been pretty much eat, work, train, work, train, sleep for the month. The good thing is that training has been solid and it is a much better start that my prep for IM last year, when the shop was getting going and crazy busy. We are still crazy busy but I think I have a much better handle on how to fit everything in now....the Computrainer studio certainly helps.

So the numbers for the first month (skewed slightly by the first week being a recovery week)

Hours: 49hrs 04mins
Miles: 645.61m

Importantly it has been a consistent number of hours per week and I feel in the perfect place to build into some big weeks now.

What better way to start the big weeks than this week....I have an 8-hour trail running race this coming weekend down at Lake Anna State Park. Sounds simple enough, whoever runs the most miles wins! http://www.athletic-equation.com/ICY-8_HR_ATR.html It's all part of a much bigger masterplan :-)

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