Saturday, October 22, 2011

The week that was: Oct 15th - 21st

So this is the beginning of my training diary. Probably boring for many but perhaps interesting to some. The main focus for the next month or so is my running as I have the Rehobeth Beach Marathon on Dec 11th. I also felt that my run was neglected during my last Ironman cycle. Let me know if you have any questions.

Week Oct 15th - 21st.

Saturday Oct 15th - Long run home from the store. Gradually increasing mileage to build for Rehobeth Beach Marathon in December. Run 14.21miles @6:46min/miles

Sunday Oct 16th - Easy cruising ride with Ace and Brian. Road bike feels a little odd still after riding the tri bike since March. 40miles.

Monday Oct 17th - Monday Night Parvilla Cycle & Multisport ride. Again the road bike. Short brick run at an easy pace. Ride 20miles Run 3.25miles

Tuesday Oct 18th - Easy swim at lunch. Just turning the arms over. Only time for short evening run so did some fartleks. Run 4.02miles

Wednesday Oct 19th - Another swim at lunch. First harder session since Ironman included some 100's. Again short run (in the rain) went easy but still under 7min/miles. Run 5.03miles

Thursday Oct 20th - Mile repeats x the dark on unlit sidewalks! Harder to push the pace but ran @6:00min/miles. Run 9.52miles

Friday Oct 21st - Hill repeats in Bowie (the one hill!) x 6. Legs still feeling good after 18 runs in 21 days. Run 4.38miles

Weekly Run Miles: 40.41
Weekly Run Time: 4hrs 37mins

Total Time: 9hrs 19mins

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