Monday, May 9, 2011

What Have I Let Myself in For?....American Zofingen 2011

This weekend I race my 2nd duathlon of the year with perhaps the hardest duathlon in the U.S.....American Zofingen in the Catskills of NY is a small race but it is infamous in duathlon circles! Check out the course profiles below:

Trail Run - 5mile lap

Bike - 28mile lap

The event has three different distances.....the Long Course, which I signed up for - 5mile run/84 mile bike/ 15mile run, the F1 course (5m/28m/5m/28m/5m) and then the short course (5m/28m/5m).

It is going to be hard.....and that would be an understatement! especially when you see the aid station as you come back to the finish on the run course, Irish Car Bombs for all :-)

Whatever happens it will be a fun there is prize money :-)

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Anonymous said...

It's what we would call an undulating course!