Friday, February 18, 2011

JHPS Camp - Encinitas - Day 5

After a hard day on Wednesday (and the early start) we took a more leisurely pace today and headed out around 11:00am for a 40mile recovery ride. The weather on Saturday for the Swami group ride looks real bad so Friday will be the long day of 90miles.

Even with a recovery ride planned it seemed as though we did more climbing today than any other day of the camp so far. We rode out through Del Mar and turned inland (watching out for alligator lizards on the trail) to hit the Torrey Highlands, skirting around Black Mountain (where John used to hang glide) and through the ranches of Fairbanks and Rancho Santa Fe. I think most enjoyed the leisurely pace and basked in the sunshine!

As per usual we landed back in Encinitas for lunch and to make a change headed for the Encinitas Ale House to grab a much needed burger! And yes they are locally famous :-)

Stu and Denzil headed out to Oceanside for some more miles while the rest came back to the hotel and finished off the active recovery with a trip to Del Mar to window shop and wish that we were more wealthy. If you have never been to Del Mar, it is chic with a capital C, a great selection of boutiques, restaurants and bars......

I ended the day with a short 4mile run after dinner and then sat back as John regaled tales of his racing career.....and guess what? he classes his 1981 win at Ironman Hawaii the hardest day ever in his career.

So tomorrow is going to be the hardest day at camp......90 miles on the Tour of California route and then a run afterwards....when do I get to go home!

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