Friday, September 10, 2010

Fully Fledged Member of the Powerazzi......

It's official, I am now a fully fledged member of the Powerazzi.....I have a Powertap and over the past week I have been in the process of getting some baseline numbers. So far so good and I'm looking forward to getting into some power workouts and seeing where I really am.

As I progress into the training plan and schedule for 2011, working with power will really help define the progress and optimize the time available to train. If I'm not too embarrassed by my power numbers I'll post some to show how the training goes through the year. The main focus will be to use the power workouts to set a correct pacing control for Ironman racing. Through training I will know what power output I should be able to ride at and still run well after the 112 miles. It will be a tool to make sure I don't ride too hard during races which can absolutely come back to haunt you on the run.

So first things first, I'm getting the baseline numbers and then through the winter can work on developing my power both for endurance and threshold work. It will be good to take the guesswork out of the winter workouts on the trainer :-)

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