Friday, August 13, 2010

That was just the precursor........

Mountain Mama last weekend has ended up being the precursor that I needed prior to my last long-distance triathlon of the year.......I've signed up for the Savageman half-ironman race in Sept.

This race is reputed to be the toughest half-ironman in the World, with an amazing bike course and an almost as tough run course. The only flat section in the whole race is the swim.....and the race website says it all:

"How hard is the SavageMan really? Am I Savage Enough? That is a question only you can answer. The bike course is extreme and is legitimately the toughest 56 mile bike in triathlon with 5800 feet of climbing nearly all gained in the middle 30 miles and 7 climbs with pitches in excess of 15%. It is a course that leaves no one unimpressed and no one unhappy, but it is also a course not to underestimate."

Just check out the bike course: here

If you make it over the Westenport Wall (without walking) and finish the race, you even get a brick put into the wall with your name on cool is that? Photos and video of last year have people walking up climbs and literally just tipping over mid-climb :-(

So it looks as though the next few weeks will be spent on the tri bike trying to hit up every climb within 50 miles of Bowie! Mountain Mama this past weekend was a good initiation :-)

The question remains though, do I go with the FFWD wheels Disc or F9R......both are extremely fast wheels, but what will be better on the climbs?

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