Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Looking Ahead.....IM Lake Placid

To be honest I am looking forward to IM Lake Placid just so we can get a break from training in 95 degree heat! The past few weeks have been a total drain on the body in the heat and humidity of the Mid-Atlantic, Lake Placid will feel chilly with temps in the high 70's! Ideal for racing unless it pours like it did for the 2008 race :-(

Training since the meltdown at Eagleman 70.3m has gone well and I have got some solid weeks in. Confidence has returned and with a tune-up race on July 10th hopefully that will instill further confidence prior to the 2 week taper.

In the last few weeks I have started using CarboPro as my primary nutrition on the bike. I have to say I wish I had started using it sooner. Essentially it is a complex carbohydrate powder which contains 115 calories per serving and a total of 28gms of carbs. The good thing for endurance racing is that you mix a ton of this stuff into one bottle and then just supplement with water or other liquids as the race goes on.

Currently I am mixing up bottles with 1000 calories and that gives me 400 calories an hour over a 2.5 hour period. Two of those bottles will get me through an IM bike leg and so far in training it has been working really well. The only additional calories that I take in is a Milky Way at 50miles, which gives me some solid food and also something to look forward to. It is easy on the stomach, I have had no GI issues whatsoever and I've been running well afterwards. So far so good.......oh, and don't forget to use electrolytes with the CarboPro as it doesn't contain any.

Onwards and upwards........looking forward to the mountains of Up-State New York :-)

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