Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting Back On Track.......

This week has been a week of trying to get my head around the race last Sunday and getting back the mental aspect to focus on the next 5 weeks leading up to IM Lake Placid. To have such a bad experience at Eagleman was really a confidence knock and something that I have never had to deal with before.

However, the past few days have given me time to reflect, recover and get prepared for the important weeks ahead. It's at these points that you have to trust in your training and past experience and know that you are more than capable of meeting your own expectations.

This weekend I get back to it with a long training day tomorrow followed by a long run on Sunday. A good weekend of training will do plenty for forgetting last week.

In other news I received confirmation of my road racing upgrade today, and so I am now officially a Category 3 racer! Better start getting more miles in for the 1,2,3 races at Jefferson Cup and Tour of Walkersville in 2011 :-)


TerribleTerry said...

I was at Eagleman watching. Don't sweat it dude. Everyone worked harder on the swim. Then sweat crazy more the remainder of the day. Even some pro's were walking it in.

Can't wait to do my first Triathlon. See you out there.

Stephen said...

Like you said, trust in your training! We all have bad days. Put it behind you and get ready for the next one. You'll crush it! Me, I'm having more than my fair share of bad days, but I am still enjoying myself.

Congratulations on your Cat 3 upgrade! We need more 3s. We had none at the ToWC this weekend!

Lisa said...

Congrats on the Cat 3! xox