Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to the Old Favorites.........

Good deals aren't always as good as they first appear.......... Many of us are staunch believers in particular brands and won't stray at all from those brands. This brand loyalty goes across all facets of our lives whether it be food, clothing, cars and of course sporting equipment. I know people that will only buy bikes from a particular manufacturer, I know people that will only buy from certain bike shops....I'm the same way.

Since I first starting running seriously I have stuck with New Balance running shoes. I found them early on and since then have gone with nothing else......not once have I been disappointed. They have a huge range of sizes and are one of only a few that produce different widths, which is crucial for a comfy shoe. If you have seen my feet then you will know how "odd" they are!!!! No I am not sponsored by New Balance, I wish I was!

So at the start of the year I was looking for a new pair of shoes as the old ones were on their way out and I saw a great deal on a pair of Asics in the local store. I was hesitant to try a different brand but after trying them on, they fitted pretty well and I decided to go with them.

Not all went smoothly though and only 300 miles later I was looking for a new pair of shoes as the sole had badly worn and the sides were tearing up the outside of my feet. Normally New Balances last me about 500 miles and suffer some real abuse particularly during the racing season. The Asics had disappointed and now I realise that sometimes you need to stick to what you know. I'm back with New Balance and will remain that way in the future.

On a slightly separate note I have recently invested in a specific pair of racing shoes (New Balance 904's), which are a cross between racing flats and regular running shoes. I raced for the first time in them this past weekend at the B&A Half Marathon and they did seem to make a noticeable difference. Yes, I got a personal best so that helps but the shoes felt lighter and over the course of a race that can make a big's a bit like having race wheels really. You don't want to use them all the time but when you do use them they feel great :-)

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