Friday, January 15, 2010

Year 2009: Totals........

Training totals for the year goes:

Year 2009

Total Hours: 611hrs 02mins
Total Miles: 7,988.97m
Total Workouts: 459
Total Races: 26 (6 triathlons, 4 running, 16 road)

Total Bike Hours: 338hrs 41mins Weekly Ave: 6hrs 31mins
Total Bike Miles: 6,533.87m Weekly Ave: 125.65m

Total Run Hours: 141hrs 04mins Weekly Ave: 2hrs 43mins
Total Run Miles: 1220.85m Weekly Ave: 23.48m

Total Swim Hours: 123hrs 34mins Weekly Ave: 2hrs 22mins
Total Swim Miles: 234.25m Weekly Ave: 4.50m

Weekly Ave. Hours: 11hrs 45mins
Weekly Ave. Miles: 153.63m

Let's see where 2010 up a year in review and a look ahead!

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