Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Perfect Push-Up.......

I wonder what I got for Christmas.....yep, the perfect push-up! As part of my core workouts I also try and add in some push-ups. Regular push-ups on a tile floor are not kind on your wrists and so the Perfect Push-Up seemed like the, well, perfect solution!

After reading the instructions (all of a couple of minutes), I set about doing a few sets on Sunday night, they feel great and definitely focus more on technique with less stress on the wrists etc. It was a good start, which can slowly build into bigger sets.

BAD NEWS......the next day my chest was aching big time and I had a 4200 yd swim workout coming in the evening. Until I get used to the push-ups, it will certainly have to come when I have a day off of swimming as my chest was completely trashed after the swim sessions today and yesterday! Hopefully in the long run the push-ups will have a positive influence for swimming and general fitness....just not at the moment :-(

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TerribleTerry said...

The triathlon coach in Colorado Springs had his guys using those things a few years back when I was there. I tried doing some of their workouts (I was a 119lb runner at the time).....and my chest hurt for 5 days.