Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kinda Slow........

PLUGGING –verb (used without object) to work with stubborn persistence (often fol. by along or away):

This time of year is kinda slow on the blogging front, no races to report on, no epic training sessions. Just kinda plugging along with the training, hitting the pool and trying to avoid the trainer and treadmill and get outside.

What with the snow this week some of the runs will be fun. I haven't been out in the trail shoes for a while and so it's probably time to dust them off. And besides it will be far better than sweating away in the gym for 13 miles on the treadmill.

Biking will be a bit different....no MTB or cross bike in the Banks household and so until they clear our streets it will be either the rollers or the trainer and a host of movies! As of this morning there was still a few inches of compacted snow and ice, not much fun on 23's!

On a more exciting note, my parents are in from the UK for the Holidays and after an eventful trip over they arrived on Sunday, only 34 hours later than expected. They did get a night and morning in Boston though :-) We need to take them to see some hockey so if anyone has four Capitals tickets for the Devils game on Saturday or against the Canes on Monday let me know!

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