Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For The Fishies.......

Another month into my fall swimming challenge and with the exception of a shortened Thanksgiving week it was pretty good. So the monthly stats were:

Total Yards: 56,950

Total Miles: 32.36

Total Swims: 15

Yards/Swim: 3,797

I didn't quite get to the aim of 64,000 yards but without the Thanksgiving break I think I might have got there. Compared to October I did increase total yards (just!), the yards per swim by over 200 yards and that was with one less swim in the month.

The goal for December is to hit the pool 18 times and try and get to 64,000 yards. That will mean no slacking over the Xmas period or while my parents are over here for the Holidays! It is definitely harder to try and prize myself out of the warm bed now that the mornings are getting darker and colder.......... Perhaps a pool like this would help.

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