Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now That Was Weird.......

This time of year is great for running, little humidity, moderate temperatures, Fall colors and plenty of races to prepare for. However, because you tend to sweat less (or perspire, if you are a lady!) you have to be aware of all the potential places where chafing may occur. The usual place for men are the nipples (can be very painful) and the thighs where the shorts rub. Application of vasoline or bodyglide products normally keep this at bay, yeah I know not a pretty thought is it :-)

Well, my nipples have been recovering from the Metric Marathon race back on Oct 4th and so they get well lubed up......legs are ok at the moment. Went out running yesterday for 90mins, didn't have any issues until I get in the shower and jeez my ear lobe feels really sore! What the hell have I done to my ear lobe? I had been chafed by my headphones. HOW CAN HEADPHONES CHAFE?, I have been running with those for the past two years and never had a chafing issue.

Now I have to decide whether or not to start putting bodyglide on my right ear lobe....I reckon it's a one-off but it certainly was pretty weird.

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