Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting Motivated......

It's only the end of October but already I'm getting excited about the prospect of racing next year. It probably means that I have had enough of a break after this years racing and it's time to get serious about the 2010 races. In a few weeks time I will pretty much have the races all scheduled out and will start to get back into the regular training schedule gradually increasing volume and intensity.

So when rides like this weekend's ride out from Bowie to the DCCX race come along they are well worth taking.....just easy rides taking in the back roads and trails through Prince's Georges County and into D.C to the Armed Forces Retirement Home. It wasn't a hammerfest and I think due to the bike trails we just about averaged 16MPH :-) Plus when we got there we were met with freshly baked scones, frites, beer and a ride home.....the cross action was cool, the primary spectator area had a load of cowbells (although I think Christine and Stu outdid everyone with their massive bell, somewhere there is a cow missing it's bell!) and it must have been a blast riding through it every lap. ABRT was well represented in all the races, with Christine Wehlburg grabbing another podium slot in the Women's Cat 4 race.

This weekend we travel to Pittsburgh for the MedExpress Spirit of Pittsburgh Half Marathon and then it's time to start hitting up the D'Ville Saturday ride again. It feels like an age since I have done a long group ride and it's also about time that the fixie gets going. Nothing like a 75mile fixie ride to get the legs going again :-)

Oh yeah and there might be some bigger news towards the end of the week.....stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Could it be no beer for 9months news!!!

Iain Banks said...

I hope not!......more to come soon :-)