Monday, September 14, 2009

We're In The Money.....

Yep, after racing twice at Turkey Day yesterday in the Cat 3/4 and Cat 4 races, I was in the money.....shame it got spent on an iced coffee and a banana on the way home! I got 2nd in a prime in the Cat 4 race and received $5....better than a poke in the eye with stick!

This was the 25th running of the Turkey Day races and is promoted by none other than Bobby Phillips, the US Cycling legend. If you want to know more about Bobby then just search and you'll find loads of stuff but being part of the famous Raleigh team of the 70's tops the list.....Velonews ran an article about the reunion of the team this year at the Fitchburg Longsjo race, read it here . It really is great to have Bobby on ABRT and still within the MABRA region.

One of the coolest things of racing yesterday (aside from the huge host of prizes, and $5 prime winnings) was to see Bobby leading the first lap of the mens 50+. I was road marshaling at the 2nd corner and saw the lead car coming round followed by the Baltimore Bullet himself, leading the field, waving and chatting to everyone, very cool indeed.

My races were ok. Having not done any road racing since back in July at Giro Di Coppi, it was a bit of a shock to system, the sudden accelerations were the worst but I managed to show myself a little bit and got a good workout in. I now have enough races to upgrade to Cat 3 and really need to decide whether I want to or not. It's not as though I will set the Cat 3 field alight and there are less races to do if you aren't confident in doing a 1,2,3 race......I'll take another look at it as we exit the winter time head into the spring racing season!

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