Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three Weeks and Counting.......

Just 22 days until my biggest scheduled race of the year and everything is coming together nicely. The past months training has been great and pretty much all the key workouts have gone to plan. The last week has been stellar and I'm just hoping that I'm not reaching a peak too soon.

The week started on Saturday with a 120mile ride down to Solomon's Island and back with a crew of 6 from ABRT. After feeling the long run from Friday night on the first half of the ride, the second half was a complete blast and the final 25miles were covered in under an hour. The weather sucked on Sunday and after running around the neighborhood for 45mins I called it a day with thunder rumbling around. Monday was just an easy flush-out ride followed by a threshold run. One of the key workouts of the week is always the D-Ville hammerfest on Tuesday (after swimming at lunch) and that was sweet, everything felt great and smooth. Ended up having the fastest ride of the year at dead on 25MPH and followed that up with a 10km at 6:40min/mile pace, which felt quite leisurely.

Just lately my long runs have been struggles, I think it has been mainly due to adjusting to the heat and humidity now that it has finally turned up. Yesterday was good though. I swam before work and the plan for the run was just to keep it easy and get the miles in, just go the steady pace that I felt would get me through the 16 miles. It worked out to be just about 7min/miles and I was fine with that. That pace is just below what I am hoping for Ironman in 3 weeks and importantly I wasn't completely wiped by the end of the run....I had something left.

With most of the hay in the barn (did I just write that!) and feeling pretty good, this weekend in the UK may be a good way to keep at my peak. Just some short, intense sessions before the taper actually begins for real on August 15th.

Importantly the IMKY athlete guide came out today and it has the preliminary Kona slot allocations.........6 in my age group! It's time to get big-time focused :-)

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Lisa said...

OMG! 6 Kona slots! Sweet!