Friday, July 3, 2009

Just Some Ramblings......

The training has been real good these past three weeks since Eagleman....all guns are blazing towards Ironman at the end of the August. I can't believe it is July already! The past two weeks have averaged out at over 17 hours training per week and I feel as though I am hitting my Ironman stride. To be honest I am getting antsy to race Ironman, which must be a good sign!

I raced at Poolesville last weekend and as I had thought might be the case I didn't have any zip in my legs. Not that the accelerations were particularly hard but I just don't have that capability atm....the final few weeks before Eagleman and then the last three weeks have been pretty much steady state efforts and it's amazing how you lose the "jump". The road bike also felt odd as it was the 2nd time I had ridden it in a month! Despite that I managed to stay with the group and was beginning to feel better until I came down in the crash on the final section of dirt! My first ever crash in a race and fortunately nothing damaged on me or the bike. Rolled in to the finish a few minutes behind the winner.

The new job has been great so far. I am now about a month into it and love it! Getting to talk about bikes and providing for cyclists is a cool way to spend the's just a little frustrating when you have little to no funds for pedestrian/bicycle programs. We do have the first free Bike Valet Service taking place in Annapolis this Saturday for July 4th. I am hoping that we get a good demand for this and it is something we can continue to provide at other City events.

Also slightly related to work, I am in the bike build mode again as I want to build up another fixie to ride around town. Rather than a training fixie this would be more of an urban fixie and hopefully something that people will be able to recognize....we need to build more of a cycling culture in Naptown! and what better way than having some whacky fixies about town!

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