Monday, June 1, 2009

Eagleman: Course Pre-Ride

Went out yesterday with a few of the boys (Stu, Ace, Kyle and Lance) to ride the Eagleman course as well as check the Church Creek Time Trial typical fashion the course was windy and hot. Going out with five guys on TT bikes is certainly one-way of absolutely killing yourself, esp. when they are all stronger riders than yourself. In the end I just had to hold back and ride my own "endurance" pace, otherwise I would have been completely fried. Managed to squeeze in a brick run afterwards, which was good as it reminded me of how the first part of the run will feel in two weeks time.

Not surprisingly there was a few guys and gals doing their own pre-race rides around the course...although they didn't have a massive truck following them around as SAG, which was sweet as Sarah could hand us drinks and food, and we didn't have to carry supplies. In addition, she got to try out her new camera on the ABRT TT train (photos to come).

It was good getting back out on the course. Eventhough I have raced at Eagleman and other races in Cambridge a half-dozen times I never completely remember the course and a refresher ride will do wonders on race day as I'll have at least some sense of the windier sections and not get too dejected when the speed begins to drop :-(

Eagleman is only a fortnight I feel ready yet? After yesterday when I got a beating I don't feel that ready but as I stated I was taken out of my endurance zone and I just don't have the high end speed....after all the saying is "ride for show and run for dough" and that's normally my gameplan!

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