Friday, April 10, 2009

Water, Water....Give Me Water!

Who would have thought that it would be that hard to find a swimming pool close to home! This week my usual pool at Sportfit Bowie was closed for mandatory repairs (something about some new government legislation!) problem, whenever they close for the normal yearly clean, I always head to the natatorium at Prince George's Community College in Largo. Not ideal but it's not too bad.

So Monday afternoon just before leaving the cubicle, I thought that I better check to make sure the college pool is actually open for general public use. Nope, closed for renovations as of that day until.....2010! I always thought it was a pretty nice pool so I can't wait to see it after the 9 month renovation. That scuppered the plans for a Monday evening swim and I was on the hunt for a place to swim the rest of the week.

On the way home from work on Monday, I popped into the Bowie State University as I had seen something about a pool on their campus.....after wandering around the sports "complex" (in the vaguest sense of the meaning of sports complex...they are in need of some serious stimulus funds) for a good 15-20 minutes and randomly opening doors to locker rooms, gyms, offices etc, I saw the sign to the pool. Bingo! I thought, perhaps I could swim afterall. No such luck, as after peering through a window of a locked door I saw the most decrepit pool I had ever seen in my water in sight, cracked tiles and a family of pygmies living in the far corner. (Perhaps they had been looking for the pool and had got lost like me!) I'm assuming that Bowie State doesn't have a varsity swim program :-)

In the end I found out from Charlie that the pool in Greenbelt was relatively decent (aside from being the temperature of bath water) and that he was going to swim there this week. So not all was lost, and fortunately it isn't far from work, so that has still enabled me to swim in the mornings before resuming life in the cubicle.

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