Friday, February 27, 2009

Going Old School......

I'm taking it back to the old school
'Cause I'm an old fool, who's so cool
If you want to get down
I'm gonna show you the way
Whoomp, there it is
(Let me hear you say)
Whoomp, there it is

Nothing like old tunes and this Sunday for the B&A Marathon I will be going Old School. In this day of high tech goodies I will be racing with just a simple stop-watch. The Garmin GPS watch has died in recent weeks and so no constant reminders of pace, how many miles to go current grade. Nope, none of that, just simply the amount of time spent running.....

I was thinking about going the whole hog with waffle soles, headband, knee length socks, vest and short shorts....pretty much my dad circa 1984! but decided against it :-)

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KMAX said...

Good luck out there on Sunday... Looks like it could be a real adventure with the storm coming in Saturday night.