Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Race of the Year.......

This weekend is the first race of the year for me and why not just jump in the deep end and make it a marathon! Yep, got the B&A Trail Marathon on Sunday and to be honest I think I am probably under trained for this one. My running mileage compared to this point last year is around the same level but the number of long runs is dramatically down. I think it could well be a day for a good long training run (although we know that those days never happen when the competitive juices get flowing!).

My best marathon time of last season was 2hrs 41mins at the National Marathon and it would be great to get somewhere near to that time. Anything under three hours would satisfy me this early in the season....fortunately the course is almost as flat as you could possibly make it.

This week has been a recovery/taper week and so the legs should be raring to go come Sunday morning (who wants a start time of 7:30am though?). The other downside to the race start time is that I won't be glued to my computer in time for the race registration for The Jefferson Cup and we all know how you have to have a trigger finger if you are a Cat 4 racer!

Oh and btw, I hope that everyone noticed that Smile Pinki won the Best Short Documentary Award at the Oscars on Sunday!

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