Monday, January 12, 2009

Inadvertent Sprint Intervals.....

Twice it happened to me on my ride yesterday.....nicely rolling along in between my scheduled sprint intervals ( 5 sets of 5 x 15 secs sprints with 1 min between sprints and 5 mins between sets) and suddenly out of nowhere comes barking and the scampering of paws. So it's back into a sprint and try not to hit the dog as you accelerate away.

And this happened twice to me yesterday, the first of which was a close run thing as the dog decided to run straight across the road in front of me before chasing. So I ended up doing 27 sprints instead of the scheduled 25....fortunately there were no casualties, cyclists or dogs!

Why do dogs chase things though? After I had managed to fend off the second dog, it then chased after the truck behind me! Crazy mutts.....and their owners as well, why let them run all over the roads? Just an accident waiting to happen.

By the way if you are riding out to Tradezone in a few weeks time from the Bowie/MD 214 direction, watch out on Queen Anne Road!

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