Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bring It On....2x20mins

What more can you look forward to while trying to get through the day in the office cubicle but a good old threshold trainer workout of 2 x 20 minutes. That's what's on the schedule for this evening while listening to the Caps get back to winning ways against Sid the Kid and the Pens.

To be fair I actually like the 2 x 20mins workout as it always makes you work hard and you get a solid hour of pain. Now if only I had a power meter, I could actually see how hard I was working (or not as the case may be!).

These threshold workouts are creeping into the schedule more often as I progress to the start of the season and they will gradually become longer intervals as I gear up to hit the road on the triathlon bike. The first major (multisport) race of the year is the Duathlon National's down in Richmond on April 26th, which is also a qualifier for the Duathlon Worlds to be held in North Carolina at Lowes Motor Speedway in the Fall. It would be cool to head for the Duathlon Worlds again but other season goals may get in the way of that..... (as if you can't guess what that is!)

In the meantime I'll hit the 2 x 20min intervals on the trainer in the freezing garage and think of the warm waters of Louisville and Kona.

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