Monday, December 22, 2008

You Can Take The Boy out of England But You Can't Take England Out of the Boy....

If I dare say it, Sarah's birthday was this past weekend....yes I know, only 21! and we headed off to Fairfax, VA to relive the late 1990's where none other than Oasis were finishing off their US Tour.

Being from England we were fully submerged into the whole Britpop music scene during our late teenage years and then into college. The undoubted powerhouses of the Britpop genre were Oasis, led by the Gallagher brothers, and to a slightly lesser extent Blur, led by Damon Albarn (now of "Gorillaz" fame). Sarah had previously seen Oasis back in our hometown in the early 1990's but for me it was my first time and they didn't disappoint. The concert was great and for a full two hours the sold out stadium was rocking to classics as well as songs from their new album.

Not only was the music great but seeing the boys of the "Madchester" era was so funny and it was clear from some of the Americans around us that they couldn't understand what either Noel or Liam Gallagher were saying when they addressed the crowd! Without a doubt the highlight musically was the rendition of "Champagne Supernova" but also when Noel was comparing the White House to his own....apparently Noel's house is a bit bigger but not as white!

It's always funny when we get small glimpses of the "Motherland", generally it makes us reminisce and hark back to memorable moments of our youth (not that we are old now but....). Good times.

Just to leave you on a final note from Liam Gallagher, "You were Great.....but not as Great as us!"

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