Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Like a Fish Out of Water.......

This past Monday was my last swim for at least a month and potentially longer....nope I haven't sworn off triathlons so don't worry. I have some minor surgery on my back coming up and so will not be able to hit the pool until the stitches are out and the wounds healed.

So what am I having done? Well, it's "only" some moles coming out but I would seriously urge all of you to go to your doctor/dermatologist to get your moles checked out. I am having three moles removed as a precaution and they will get checked for any cancerous cells just in case. The amount of time that most of us athletes spend out in the sun certainly warrants us getting checked. Earlier in the year Sarah also got checked and had a couple of moles if you see us both no we didn't start throwing knives at each other!

In the meantime I will just get more time in gym hitting the weights and working on the strength.....going back to the pool in mid-January will be a struggle!

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