Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Many Layers Can you Wear?........

The weather wasn't ideal for an afternoon of tailgating and then an evening spent sitting on a concrete seat watching the Terps season finale against the 'Noles of Florida State. To sum the day up.....with the obligatory Terps Helmet shot!

Good tailgating with great friends, plenty of food and beers but real cold (rumors of a 6 below freezing windchill at kickoff but I don't think this guy realised!)

The crew (somehow Sol managed not to get in to any pictures!) From left to right - Me, Matt (with a hall pass as Natalie was not able to make it), Sarah and Jessica.

Kickoff, if the Terps win and Boston College lose then the Terps are in the ACC Championship game.....

Not a great first half 21 to zip! With that score the temperature feels even worse

No big 2nd half comeback....final of 37-3 and a huge shellacking! Surprised that the camera can be operated by my frozen hands. Perhaps the secret cookie supply kept us going throughout the game (or the many beers courtesy of Samuel Adams before the game).

One for the ladies....a great picture of Matt :-)

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