Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Red Cup? Blue Cup?......

It was only a matter of time before it was going to happen and then after coming back from the pool on Monday evening, there it Obama/Biden yard sign at the house opposite!

For so long our street had been removed from the upcoming elections but now that naivety has been lost I'm sure it will only encourage others to follow suit. For Sarah and I the past 18 months has been somewhat frustrating bearing in mind that as British Citizens residing in the US we cannot vote in any political elections. We can pay our taxes! but we cannot vote....don't get me started on that (and yes I am sure there are plenty of arguments for and against the issue).

Anyway, as everything around us is gearing up for Election Day on November 4th 7-Eleven came to my aid and have been running their 7-Election campaign for a few weeks. Whenever I purchase a cup of coffee (should I ever be out and about and not near my own Coffees of Hawaii beans) I can choose between a Red McCain cup or a Blue Obama I can make my own choices depending on how I am thinking on that particular day.

Most importantly I get a cup of coffee and I get to vote....and yes I do realise that it isn't an official vote! How would you vote? Red Cup? Blue Cup? See poll to the side.

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Coffees of Hawaii said...

Mahalo for the "Coffees of Hawaii" shout out!

Albert Boyce