Friday, August 1, 2008

The Weekend Outlook......

No this blog hasn't suddenly changed to The Weather Channel, its just a brief look ahead to this weekend. Although The Weather Channel is a key part of any triathletes training regime, what would we do without checking out the doppler before heading out for long training sessions?

As with most weekends during IM training I try to get at least a 5 hour/100 mile ride in and this Saturday will be no different. I'll head out early for some miles before meeting up with the club for its regular ride to North Beach and back. This normally gets me about 85 miles and so I'll then tag on another 15 miles to get to the century mark. Normally I would then head out for a short 30-minute brick run but this weekend I have decided to jump into the Annapolis Striders Dog Days 8km race on Sunday morning (although I might still fit the brick in on Saturday). Saturday afternoon is still up in the air, we'll see what Sarah fancies doing but a trip to the beach or cinema might be in the plans.

The 8km should be fun, I haven't raced a regular running event since way back in March at the National Marathon and so it will be great to race. Besides, the race is actually classified as a cross-country race and so rather than the regular pavement stomping it will be a mixture of trails, paths and fields.....sounds like fun and should be a nice hard workout with tired legs after Saturday.

After the race, Sarah and I need to do some major chores/errands before we head off to the UK in a couple of weeks and so the Sunday ride will have to wait until later in the day. 2 hours of intervals is the plan but we shall see how the legs feel after the Saturday century and the Sunday might morph into a recovery ride :-)

p.s No updates on the seized seatpost......the bike is currently upside down with what seems like a whole can of liquid wrench trying to work its magic! If nothing gives over the weekend, the hacksaw will probably make an appearance.

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