Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Darn it.......

This past lunchtime was spent in the local Auto Supply store looking at all the different types of "Penetrating Catalysts" as they are known in the trade....sounds a bit dodgy to me but essentially they are just solvents that loosen items that are stuck together.

And those two items are my carbon seatpost and my road frame....went to try and remove the seatpost last night and nada....didn't move an inch! Got the WD40, still nothing and after a good while twisting and pulling nothing to report of apart from hands that hurt. So tonight the "Penetrating Catalysts" come out and if that doesn't work the hairdryer will make an appearance. Apparently heating the seat tube can work on seized seatposts!

If all that fails then I will have to lose the seatpost for good and cut it out...something that I do not exactly want to do but may have to be done. Last night immediately afterwards I went and checked the seatpost on the Blue and made sure that it came did *phew*.

Definitely a lesson learnt, remove the seatpost every now and again and give the seat tube a clean!

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