Friday, July 11, 2008

We're all off to the beach.....

It's time to get some sand in between our toes and so we head off to Colonial Beach, VA tonight in preparation for the triathlon on Sunday. The past 4 weeks have been a pretty good build phase after Eagleman and the race on Sunday will be the start of a recovery week.

I've been feeling pretty beat all week and so I am hoping that an easy day on Saturday, just relaxing on the beach after lots of sleep will be the rest that I need for a good race. The race is a bit odd in terms of distance...its a 1km swim in the Potomac River, a 40km bike and a dead flat 6 mile run around the town. I haven't done this race before and it appears to be quite low-key, only 275 registered as of yesterday. It's always cool to do the low-key races as racing with 2,000 of your closest friends is often over-rated!

Looking at past results (this is the 24th edition of the Colonial Beach Triathlon) it seems as though about 1hr 50mins is the standard winning time....I guess I better get a move on then! Having not done much speed work in recent weeks it will be interesting to see how I hard can 2hrs at full blast be though :-)

In addition to the race it will be nice to spend a weekend at the beach, the hotel is just across from transition and so it won't be a massively early start for Team Banks. It's also cool that we can race and then still use the hotel room and not need to check out till 11am! Hopefully we can find a good bar in town tonight to sink a couple of beers and chill and then find a good beach side restaurant for dinner tomorrow in prep for the race. It should be a great start to a much needed "rest" week........

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