Thursday, May 29, 2008

Team Banks are in the Building......

After a long trip from England (including an unexpected night in Newark Airport), Team Banks has finally arrived in Bowie. Yep, my parents are in town for the next three weeks and will be able to serve as Team Banks sherpa's as I prepare for Eagleman in 10 days time.

So what does being a Team Banks sherpa entail for the next week or so :-)

Prior to race day.....

1) Keep on top of the grass cutting and other Iain related yard work.
2) Do plenty of shopping....(aren't the prices so much cheaper than the UK!).
3) Visit Gettysburg!
4) Relay various stories about the UK....such as $9 for a gallon of gas (and you think we have it bad!).
5) Watch a baseball game at the Bowie Baysox.
6) See what new donuts are available at Dunkin Donuts :-)
7) Try and convince me that I am too skinny and need to eat some donuts.....
8) Go running (Dad) and go to the gym (Mum) to work off the donuts eaten.
9) Escape the grey English weather and bask in the sunshine of Maryland!

In all seriousness it is great to have them here as it was way back at Thanksgiving that we last saw them! They love just being with us in America and enjoy spending our day-today lives with us (well mainly Sarah as I'm not sure they would enjoy coming to work with me or the triathlon training).

And besides we need to have here Dad to get the professional video of the race. Not that Sarah's isn't professional....(it's a big hole I'm digging myself into so I'll just stop!).

Team Banks pictures to come, if they allow me to post them.

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Anonymous said...

Am looking forward to the next still waiting to see the last one coz someone broke the DVD player!!!!
Bring me back some doughnuts, oh and ice cream......please!?