Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm not convinced.......

The picture above is of my new triathlon shoes and the extremely high-tech (but low-cost) elastic band system that could save me some precious seconds in T1.....too be honest I'm not convinced. The "system" basically keeps the shoes level (which are already clipped into the pedals) via elastic bands and therefore enables you to "slip" your feet in as your pedal away.

Since doing my first triathlon in 2005 I have always just ridden in regular cycling shoes and have put them on in T1 and ran out to the mount line with them on. So far this has worked perfectly, my transitions are always in the top 10 of age group and I don't lose any significant time.

So why am I looking at the "lacky band" trick? Well the new shoes are tri-specific (with carbon soles....SA-WEET!) and include the rear loop to enable such things as the flying mount with the shoes already on the bike. I have my next race this Sunday at Columbia and might try it there, although with an slight uphill start I may end up looking like a complete tool and wasting more time than I might save! I have seen plenty of people hop onto their bikes at the mount line and then try for the next 1/2 mile to get their feet in the shoes, meanwhile I'm already down the road and flying.

I think I'll practice a little tonight and then make a game day decision, although at the moment I think I will stick with the tried and tested......

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