Friday, May 16, 2008

Columbia Triathlon this Sunday.....

The Mid-Atlantic Rite of Passage is before us (2000 others and I) this Sunday, with the 25th running of the Columbia Triathlon. As the race description states below - click on the image to get a bigger size (courtesy of Inside Tri magazine) this is one tough course that doesn't let up at all. Fortunately I have raced here a couple of times before (including my first ever Olympic tri back in 2005) and so am aware of the hard couple of hours ahead!

It will be a couple of tough hours as well. I have just completed a 16-hour week and feel less than rested :-( My own fault I suppose but it will serve as a great test and provide a very significant race pace workout. After all the aim is to arrive in Cambridge in three weeks in as best shape as possible and ready to rock 'n' roll.

As with every race I always try and focus on at least one thing which will provide either confidence, knowledge or possible issues. Obviously you always want to try and get a personal best and for this race that would mean going under 2hrs 14mins, which gave me 3rd in AG last year. However, the main focus is to ride a course PB and continue to run strong on what is a tough, tough 10km (anything under 40mins for the 10km would be a bonus!)

Let's hope the rain holds off....just for a couple hours anyway!


kerri said...

GOOD LUCK their butts off.

BreeWee said...

Go get em'!
I totally hope you have a GREAT race and I bethca those 16hrs won't even bother your legs... run em' down, have fun!
Cheering from the Pacific!